Travel Review: the Norman Rockwell Museum

During the middle of our trip, my companions and I veered off the Revolutionary War path and stopped in Stockbridge, Massachusetts to partake in the Norman Rockwell Museum which bears works by the man it’s named after. If you don’t know who Norman Rockwell is, you may have seen his work on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post or at the very least, maybe this image in a history class:

“The Problem We All Live With,” a commentary on public school desegregation.

Norman Rockwell is an American artist defined by his works which have captured the state of the country for over half a century, a large portion of that work for the Post from 1916 to 1963. Originally, Mr. Rockwell worked with live models until photographs became available for him to use instead.

Rockwell’s take on Rosie the Riveter

The Museum itself is packed with artwork: canvases of works submitted for use as magazine covers, portraits, and a donated collection of the magazines themselves. Rockwell was inspired by J.C. Leyendecker, an amazing artist in his own right. We had the fortune of being at the museum while it hosts an exhibition of Leyendecker’s work as well.


The museum is easily traversable, and unlike any other place we visited on our trip, had free wheelchairs and strollers for patron use. The lower floor had large photographs of Rockwell himself, as well as a viewing room for an informational video about his life.

20150427_150031It was not a bad place to visit, though I have to admit it was personally not one of my favorite parts of the trip. Still, the Rockwell Museum is an amazing collection of art and imagery and a testament to the creative skill of a great American artist.

Travel Review: the Norman Rockwell Museum

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