Fiction Invitation: The Inquisition

I would like to extend an invitation to others to read some fiction I’ve been working on at Wattpad. Comments and constructive criticism would be much appreciated. Thank you.


2028: The Age of Terrorism has not been kind to the United States. The proliferation of radical groups and police brutality have paved the way for the legal surveillance of the American people. The confirmed existance of superhumans only compounds the fact that authorities are now overworked, understaffed and hopelessly outmatched.

One woman, a combat veteran with the courage to take a stand gathers a group of like minded individuals to do what law enforcement cannot, risking her life and freedom to stop the superpowered who prey on the weak.

After riding high on a year of stellar success,  her world comes crashing down to when two of their comrades are killed in action. With the deaths of two of their own, Diane Kilmara and her team of vigilantes must find a way to escape the pursuit to bring them to justice, a pursuit that will push their friendships and loyalties to the edge. Will they survive the coming inquisition?

Fiction Invitation: The Inquisition

3 thoughts on “Fiction Invitation: The Inquisition

  1. I have personally as a military and technically “combat” veteran, thought about using my training and knowledge to help the community in this superhero idea as you portrayed it. I have often thought about the difference between vigilantism and heroism and I find that the dichotomy is well worth reading about, it is very interesting. I like how this introduction is going and if you would ever like some feedback starting all the way from chapter one then by all means I would love to help. I can also help give you extra little bits about the training of military individuals and some of the more messed up things that I am no longer ignorant about.

    good luck

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